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Transits and the Divisional Charts

The Dasha and Transit Synthesis

We know that the promises contained in a horoscope are timed for delivery in a specified quantity by Dasha Planets. Identification of timing and the Quantity of fructification are done by analyzing the interaction of Dasha Planets with concerned Divisional Charts. The actual delivery is the charter of the transiting Dasha planets. The synthesis is required to be done in respect of three variables. The promise, the Dasha and the Transit. The promises of the Dasha lord is to be assessed from its placement, lordships and influences on it the natal chart and its derivative, the divisional charts. For fulfillment of a promised once again the very same Dasha Planets that promised the event need to transit in specified places in the horoscope to ensure that the promised event takes places. Synthesizing the inherent promises time constitutes practical application. The inherent promises are called out from what is termed as static analysis and the influences of transiting planets are also referred to as Dynamic analysis.

The Doublet Transit

Events are controlled by the planets. A long-time favourite story of KN Rao is about an old

“Pandit”. This venerable person opined and stressed that whenever any event of importance to take place in a person’s life Saturn, in Transit, must influence the house and/or its lord that signifies the event; and then Jupiter the Devguru must so transit that the very same house and/or lord cleared by Saturn is blessed by him. This clearing of the house/lord by Saturn and the blessing of the house/lord by Jupiter permitting it to yield results is called the Double Transit of Saturn and Jupiter.

The Rule:

Transiting Saturn by PAC, must influence the relevant House or Lord clearing it for giving the result. Jupiter should thereafter, in Transit, do the same.

Jupiter’s Transit is like the sprinkling of “Ganga jala” (water of the most sacred Indian river – the Ganga), on the House/ Lord cleared by Saturn.

In this rule, Moon and the Moon sign are to be accorded equal importance and be treated at par with the Ascendant and Ascendant Lord.

The Application

We have the MD, AD and PD Lords on one hand with Saturn and Jupiter on the other. Their influences are studied in three parts. We shall examine profession first.

Part 1:

This is a Static analysis. The MD, AD and PD Lords are examined in their Natal position. The examination looks at their lordship, placements and influence in the Natal Chart from the Ascendant and the Moon. The Dasha lords are further examined in the Divisional charts-Navamsha and Dashamansha. We are examining the profession hence the houses that are being studied are the 6th H, the 10th H and the Lagna along with their Lords.

Part 2:

In this part we practically apply the principle enunciated above and see the influence of Saturn & Jupiter in Transit on the 1st, ith & 10th Houses and their Lords.

Part 3:

The Dasha planets, seen in Static analysis in part 1, are now analyzed from their transiting positions. The transiting positions pertain to the time of the incident.

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