Rare Indulgence of Universe-SATURN AND JUPITER

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Rare Indulgence of Universe-SATURN AND JUPITER

Far away to an infinite World, I escaped myself from this Madding World, since Last so many Days………

Of all a the visible things in the Universe The HIGHEST Visible today in my eyes is the Rarest of the Rare CELESTIAL event-The Conjunction of Two Heavenly energies,

You Know What, We Will be the Proud Witness of this Consecrate event.

As there two Planets Saturn and Jupiter Have not appeared so close Since 1623, Before that the Closet observable Conjunction was in in Medieval time in 1220. The next occasion, When these two Giant Planets Will Come Close in 2080.

In addition to the Spectacular Conjunction Dec 21 is the WINTER SOLSTICE DAY.

The Diversity of the Phenomenon of Nature is so great and the treasure Hidden in the sky are so so rich that the Human Mind Con not Stop , attracting to the pattern of Planets , Lucky are you the students of Astrology for Whom – it’s easy to discover the

truth Behind this event.

So make a Confession with me and Stole      the Golden Moment for which We Waited for a long….

Proud to be a PART

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