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Diseases of first House

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  1. Introduction
    1. The first house is the strength of the horoscope and of the native; hence   it is of supreme importance. An important basic principle of medical astrology is the first house or lagna and its lord represent the body of native. Hence it is also called “Tanu Bhava”. It stands for general well-being, physical body, vigour and vitality of the native. However in medical astrology it represents head, brain and control mechanism of the brain of the native. Aries is the sign of 1st house with Ashwini Bharani and 1st quarter of Krittika Nakshatra in in the chart of KaalPurusha. Therefore Aries and its lord Mars are equally important. Sun is the main Karaka of 1st house representing health, vitality & longevity, while Moon & Mars are secondary Karakas representing body & skull respectively. Since Sun, Mars and Aries sign represents fiery nature, the first house basically shows Pitta (bilious) humor.
    1. In view of the above, it is proposed to discuss in this chapter diseases like headache & migraine, brain infections(meningitis & encephalitis), insanity & mental disorders (Dementia, suicidal tendencies, nervousness), degenerative disorders (Parkinson’s disease & Alzheimer disease) and injuries to head & brain hemorrhage. In all these disease, afflictions of Sun, Moon, Mars, sign Aries 1st house by malefics and Trika lords are crucial to note.
  1. Headache & Migraine
    1. Headache is a very common ailment indicating pain anywhere in the head representing the most ambiguous and sometimes very difficult clinical problem involving venous sinuses, the arteries and the brain. The 5th, 9th and 10th cranial nerves contain pain fibers and on compression, distortion on displacement cause pain. This could be due to lesions in nearby structures like eyes, ears vascular distortion or psychogenic reasons. Migraine is a severe tension headache caused primarily by psychological reasons. It may arise due to tension or deep seated hostility of the native to hurt someone or something around him. Physical stress like lack of sleep, prolonged exertion, continuous bending or exposure to extreme heat of cold could also cause migraine. Certain types of food like chocolates, Paneer; fatty foods, citrus foods, and alcohol add severity/ frequency of migraine. These attacks last usually 20 to 60 minutes, but recur with irregular pattern of frequency.
    1. Astrological Concept: When headache begins, the blood flow increases in the scalp tissues, where headache is felt. Arterial blood is controlled by Jupiter and sign Aries ruled by Mars. So Jupiter and Mars together or in aspect to each other and afflicted simultaneously can cause disturbance in blood circulation in the head causing headache/ migraine. Some other combinations are as under.
  2. Moon in Aries and Saturn in Cancer, Libra or Aquarius.
  3. Moon and Jupiter are afflicted by Saturn and other malefics.
  4. Lagna and or Aries is afflicted or hemmed between malefics.
  5. Rahu posited in Lagna/ Aries associated with malefics.
  6. Rahu, Mars and Saturn conjunct anywhere and afflicting Lagna/ Aries.
  7. During dasha of Mercury-Mars, of afflicted.
  8. Any planet posited in own sign is afflicted by Saturn and another malefic.
  9. The lord of the sign where 3rd lord Navamsha is placed, if placed in a Kendra in Navamsha and afflicted causes headache.
  10. Moon, Jupiter and Sun are afflicted by 6th lord and malefics.

The native often suffer from severe migraine. The astrological reason are as under:

  1. Saturn afflicts 12th lord Jupiter (R) and Mars indicating blood disorder.
  2. Sun, Moon and Jupiter are afflicted by 6th lord Mercury.
  3. Venus placed in own sign Libra is afflicted by Saturn, Rahu & Mars and Jupiter placed in own sign, Pisces, is afflicted by Saturn and by 6th lord Mercury.
  4. Saturn and Mars aspect each other.
  1. Meningitis:
    1. Meningitis arises from inflammation of the protective membranes enveloping the brain and the spinal cord. The inflammation may be caused by infection with viruses, bacteria or other micro-organisms. The most common symptoms are headache, stiff neck, fever and confusion. It can be life-threatening because of the inflammation’s proximity to brain and spinal cord. Sun regulates brain & spinal cord, Mercury the brain & nerves and Saturn the nerves and is general Karaka of disease. The affliction to first house, and the Sun, Mercury & Saturn cause this disease.
    1. Some of the astrological combinations for this disease are:
  2. The conjunction or opposition of Sun and Saturn in fiery or airy signs.
  3. Affliction of Mercury or Mars or both with malefic Lagnesh.
  4. Mars afflicted in an airy sign or Virgo having association with Mercury.
  5. Majority of malefics in Lagna.
  6. Affliction between Mars and Saturn or both afflicting Lagna.
  7. Malefic association among majority of Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Mars & Saturn.

Note: – Planets in Parenthesis show their position in Navamsha.

The native Sun and Saturn (R), both exalted in mutual aspect in fiery and airy sign respectively. Mercury is also in a fiery sign in Nakshatra of Ketu and afflicted both by Sun & Saturn. Thus brain, nerves and spine are adversely affected. Mercury and Mars as lord of Lagna and 3rd house exchange place. Saturn and Rahu are in each other’s Nakshatra. Mars and Saturn aspected Jupiter, Moon in 9th house. Thus most of the factors are available to cause severe and fatal Meningitis during Saturn-Sun dasha in Apr 1991. Incidentally close conjunction of Jupiter & Moon (also Vargottam) in 9th house in mutual aspect with Lagnesh Mars made him wealthy & respected.

  • Mental Diseases/ Disorders
    • The term mental disease/ disorder is a rather vague term and indicates certain abnormal behavior in our day to day actions. All of us experience phases of unexpected behavior with excitement, anger, aggression, loss of temper, violence, depressions and forgetting things in response to different daily routine and thus suffer from mental disorder of varying degree. These vary reactions when become more frequent or extreme are called mental diseases. They may cause dementia, hysteria, melancholia, nervousness, schizophrenia and different phases of mental disorder. In all matters from head to toe, the control mechanism resides in brain like a control room of an automatic planet. The brain is indicated by first house, Aries sign and Sun & Moon the relevant Karakas. Some Astrologers also consider Mars being lord of Aries & chemistry of blood, and Ketu being lord of Ashwini Nakshatra, for mental ailments. In all such cases different stage of affliction may be seen of Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Lagnesh, lagna, 5th house and Aries/ Taurus sign. Affliction by 6th lord, Saturn, Mars and/ or Rahu plays an important role. The presence of Gajkesari or Chandradhi yoga or strong Sun, Moon & Lagnesh tends to stabilize the native and bestows sound mental faculty.
    • Some of the classical combinations for mental ailments are:
  • Jupiter in lagna and Mars in 7th house. It may also ruin the married life as Mars the planet of aggression is placed in 7th house.
  • Jupiter in lagna and Saturn in 7th house or both in 12th house. This affliction will change from aggressiveness to depression.
  • Saturn in lagna and Mars is 5th, 7th or 9th house.
  • Saturn in lagna, Sun in 12th and Mars or Moon in a Trikona.
  • Saturn in Trika house (Preferably 12th) associated with waning Moon (leads to negative thinking)
  • association of Saturn & 2nd lord with the Sun ore Mars.
  • Birth in a Hora of Saturn or Mars with Sun-Moon commination in lagna, 5th or 9th and Jupiter in a Kendra.
  • Rahu and Moon in lagna and malefics in Trikonas (called Pishaacha Grasta Yoga) indicates various phobias/ manias.
  • When Rahu or Saturn in posited in Trikonas to afflicted lagna, Moon or Mercury.
  • Mars, Saturn and Sun are posited in Kendra to each other.
  • Conjunction of afflicted Sun and Moon.
  • A weak and afflicted Moon in a Trika house.
  • Sensitive signs-Gemini, Virgo and Pisces are heavily afflicted.
  • Weak Moon in a watery sign with aspect of two or more malefics.
    • Dementia: – It is not a single disease but a non-specific syndrome. It means a serious loss of global cognitive ability beyond what is found in a normal person. The affected cognitive areas can be memory, attention, language and problem solving. The cognitive dysfunction of shorter duration is called delirium. Following combinations indicate this disease:
  • Moon associated with Saturn is afflicted by Mars.
  • The Moon and Rahu in 8th house.
  • If malefics occupy 8th house and Moon & Venus suffer Kemdrum yoga.
  • Saturn is associated with Mars in 6th or 8th house.
  • Weak Moon in 6th and Rahu in lagna.
  • Debilitated Mercury and Moon in 8th aspected by a malefic.
  • Sun, Moon and Mars posited in 1st and 8th house and aspected by malefics.

Note: – Planets in parenthesis show their position in Navamsha.

The native has Lagna; Mercury & Rahu closely conjunct in Nakshatra of Moon and Lagnesh Venus is conjunct with Sun in Nakshatra of Mars and is combust. 3rd lord Moon is in 6th house associated with 6th lord Mars (R)and Saturn (R). Seven planets are posited in 1st& 6th house of Combust Lagnesh. 8th lord Jupiter is also retrograde in 8th house aspected by Saturn. In Navamsha, Moon & Mercury are associated with Rahu in Lagna. Jupiter is in 6th, while Mars & Saturn are in 8th. The native suffers from Dementiasince childhood.

  • Epilepsy: It is a diverse set of chronic neurological disorders characterized by seizures. It is a disease of the brain and nervous system in which native may fall down or may be seized by loss of consciousness with or without convulsions at irregular intervals. It is due to abnormal, excessive or hyper synchronous neuronal activity in the brain. Epilepsy can be controlled but not cured with medication. If the 6th house, its lord and dispositor is stronger than 8th house, its lord and dispositor, the ailment could be due to a wrath (Baadha or curse) if 8th house is stronger it could be due to Tridoshas. Epilepsy is usually considered as one of the ailment due to wrath/ curse for the sins committed in previous lives. Its astrological combinations are:
  • When lagna, lagna lord, Moon the Karaka of mind and Mercury the karaka for nerves are all afflicted.
  • Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn and rahu (any three) in lagna or 8th house and afflicted.
  • Saturn and Rahu 8th and malefics in 5th or 9th devoid of any benefic influence. The Moon should also afflict.
  • Lagna lord in a Trika house in association with Rahu, Saturn or Mars.
  • Moon and Rahu/ Saturn in lagna with malefics in Trikonas.
  • Afflicted Moon, Mercury and Jupiter.
  • Moon with Mercury/ Mars in 3rd, 6th or 8th afflicted by Saturn/ Rahu.

Note: – Planets in parenthesis show their position in Navamsha.

The native is suffering from epilepsy since the age of 2years during dasha of Mercury-Moon. Mercury is an infant planet (less than 1 degree) in the sign of Saturn associated with 6th lord Venus and Rahu in 9th house of Saturn. Sun and Saturn are in 8th house hemmed between malefics. The Moon, dispositor of Ketu, is waning and debilitated in 7th house with 12th lord Mars. His lagna, lagna lord Venus, Mercury, Moon, 8th and 9th houses are all afflicted. So he is suffering biform epilepsy, due to Deva Kopa, in this life. In Navamsha, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are in 9th house afflicted by Rahu-Ketu axis and by 12th lord Mars associated with Satrun. Lagna lord Venus is in 12th in mutual aspect with Mars-Saturn combine. He has been able to clear class x with difficult.

  •  Mental Retardation: It is a generalized disorder appearing before adulthood, characterized by significantly impaired cognitive functioning and deficits in two or more adaptive behaviour. It relates to both mantel functioning and to native’s functional skills in their environment. When lagna, lagan lord, Moon (the Karaka of mind) and Mercury (the Karaka for intelligence & logic) are afflicted. If lagna lord is weak and strong Trika lords are posited in lagna or in Trika house. The degree of mantel retardation will depend on degree of affliction.

Note:- Planets in parenthesis show their position in Navamsha.

The native has lagna in fiery Sagittarius with Rahu in identical degrees as lagna. It is also aspected by Badhakadhipati Mercury and Sun. The lagna lord Jupiter is in 8th house (though exalted) with 6th lord Venus and 12th lord debilitated Mars aspected by 8th lord Moon associated with Saturn. Mercury the other Karaka is in 7th house in Rahu-Ketu axis. In Navamsha, Lagna continues to be in Rahu-Ketu axis, Lagna lord Jupiter gets debilitated, Moon continues to be with Saturn now in 6th house and Mercury is in 8th house. All these afflictions made the child mentally retarded. He was born in the Dasha of Moon-Moon, the 8th lord. So suffered since birth with no hope for cure.

  • Degenerative Disease
    • With advanced age, something the efficiency and functions of the brain get afflicted causing serious and embarrassing ailments. The prominent among these are Parkinson’s diseases where brain and nervous system are affected causing trembling & stiffness of muscles of limbs and slowness of movements. Alzemir’s is another disease of brain causing almost complete memory loss and confusion. In all such cases affliction of Lagna, Lagnesh, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter should be seen.

Note: – Planets in parenthesis show their position in Navamsha.

The native is a boxing legend of all times being a heavy weight champion in sixties. 3rd house and its lord Mercury are powerfully aspected by 6th lord retrograde Jupiter. Venus-Mercury- Sun combination in 7th house made him a genius and popular. The dominant planet in his chart is Yogakaraka Mars in 10th house of Aries forming RuchikaMahapurusg Yoga. He has several Rahyoga including Gajkesari&Parijaat Yoga. He also had debilitated and retrograde 7-8th lord Saturn in 10th house afflicting 7th house. Thus he has both Pitta and Vata humours dominating. His lagna lord Moon is also weak close to Sun and in 8th house in Rahu-Ketu axis. In Navamsha Moon is debilitated associated with Saturn. He has three retrograde planets-6-9thlords Jupiter, 4-11th lord Venus and 7-8th lord Saturn. Ketu in 8th house with Moon in Saturn’s sign further contributed to nerves and muscle problems which made him suffer from Parkinson’s disease since 1990 in Saturn-Moon dasha. He can hardly speak with clarity, his hands always tremble and he feels severe pain in head since then.

Note: – Planets in parenthesis show their position in Navamsha.

The native was 40th President of USA from 1981-89. The native had strong Mars with 10th lord Mercury rising in fiery Sagittarius aspected by Rahu associated with 8th lord Moon and 3rd lord Neecha Bhang Saturn. The lagna lord Jupiter is in Rahu-Ketu axis (both in natal and Navamsha chart) and aspected by Saturn. Hence his primary nature was Pitta with Vata as secondary humor. He was born with dasha of Venus Strong Rahu aspecting lagna, Lagna lord, Moon and Mercury gave a good career as actor in films/ TV during dasha of Rahu from 1937 to 60. During Saturn-Mercury in Nov1979, he was elected 40th president of USA. His debilitated Saturn with 8th lord Moon and Rahu was in 5th house of intelligence and Lagna, Lagnesh Jupiter and Mercury the Karaka of intelligence are also afflicted. During dasha Chhidra of Saturn-Jupiter-Rahu, the native was diagnosed Alzemir’s disease in 1994. After about 10 years’ illness, he died on 5Jun2004 during Mercury-Mars, both inimical to each other and afflicted by Rahu associated with Saturn.

  • Head and Brain Injuries
    • Head and brain are most vital parts of a human body with Sun, Moon and Mars as their Karaka. Any serious accident or ailment to these parts usually proves fatal. The brain controls various mechanisms/ systems in the body for its smooth functioning. For serious head/ brain injury/ ailment affliction of lagna, lagna lord, Sun, Moon and Mars can be noticed.

Note: – Planets in parenthesis show their position in Navamsha.

The native was prime Minister of Israel from 2001 to 2006. He was highly decorated paratrooper officer, who fought all wars- of 1948, 1956, and 1967 and of 1973. After retirement, he joined politics and had been defiance and foreign minister of his country. His lagna lord Jupiter was in lagna itself and aspected by ketu associated with 11-12th lord Saturn. In Navamsha, Jupiter was in Scorpio aspected by Satrun and Rahu. Therefore since dasha of Jupiter, he become obese (weighing 115kg), and suffering from high blood pressure and high Cholesterol. He was also a voracious eater of snacks and wine. His Saturn was Atmakaraka and lord of 11-12thhouses in Rahu-Ketu axis, while his Venus was 3-8th lord associated with Mars and aspected by Saturn and by Rahu. Thus both the planets were highly potential Marakas. During inauspicious dasha of Saturn-Venus- Saturn, he first had a mild brain stroke on 18 Dec2005 and then a severe one on 4Jan 2006. After the 2nd stroke he could never recover and remained in a death like existence for next about five years, when he was finally declared dead in Feb2011.

Note: – Planets in parenthesis show their position ion Navamsha.

The native used to perform live shows in USA with his trained tiger. On his birthday on 3 Oct2003, the tiger attacked him causing severe injuries to neck and head during dasha of Rahu-Moon-Mars. Rahu is in lagna (Cancer), where Mars is Yogakaraka but gets debilitated. The Moon is lagna lord in 10th house, with both flanks void, but where Mars is strong being its Moolatrikona sign. Mars itself is in infant stage in inimical Libra with inimical Venus the house lord, aspecting Moon. In Navamsha, Rahu and Moon are together in Cancer. The three dasha planets are therefore strongly inter-related and show great tendency to grave violence during their combined period. The 8th house shows danger. The 8th house from lagna is Aquarius whose lord Saturn is aspected by Rahu in Navamsha. 8th house from Moon is Scorpio, whose lord is Mars and Mars & Moon are in mutual aspect 8th house from Mars is Taurus, whose lord Venus is associated with Mars. Therefore the injuries had to be dangerous. Rahu is Vargottama& in Vedha Nakshtras and in Prishtodaya sign, so is Moon; hence more inclined to give adverse results. Affliction of Lagna, Lagna lord, Moon and Mars indicates that major injuries were in his head, face and upper neck.

But Rahu is in Nakshatra of Punarvasu (the Nakshatra of return and restoration) of Jupiter, who gets exalted in Cancer and is aspecting Lagnesh Moon in 10th house. The deity of Punarvasu is Aditi, the mother of Gods. The Moon representing physical body is in Ashwini Nakshatra ruled by Ashwini Kumars, the celestial physicians. The Mars is Yogakaraka for Cancer lagna. The Jupiter is associated with Mars, in Navamsha, without any affliction. Thus the 9th lord Jupiter, a great benefic and healer is relatedto all the three dasha lords. The 5th and 11th house and their lords indicate recovery. 5th house is ruled by Mars and 11th Lord Venus is dispositor and associated with Mars. Therefore the native, despite serious injuries, recovered fully after about six months’ hospitalization.

  • Conclusion
    • The first is the most important house being a Kendra as well as a Trikona. It represents the native in whole in a miniature from, its physical body and general well-being. Along with its lord, its represents the self of native and its lord are strong antidote to any ailments. Rajiv Gandhi had five planets including lagna lord Sun and 5th lord Jupiter in it. He enjoyed sound health all his life until his sudden &tragic end. Although some diseases have been discussed in this chapter; but in all subsequent chapters, a disease may pertain to any house and discussed therein, but a weak first house and its lord would invariably be noticed.

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