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In business we have different types of organization set ups, some small businesses are governed by a single individual, some partnership business are run by two and three managing partner.

Big companies and big business houses are managed by board of directors where a CEO is appointed to run the day-to-day business of the company or corporate. He is supposed to work within the frame work of Policy set by the governing board. In some corporate CEO work is entrusted to MD or chairman of the company. For a big corporate chief executive officer of the company become the key person for running the company or corporate body.

In the eyes of astrology, the horoscope of the CEO of corporate becomes important and should be studied closely regarding financial status, public image, product launching, handling of HR department and Liaison Ability with the concerned departments. The horoscope of the COE should also signify   products “company deals with”.


CEO of the company can be an instrumental in strengthening the financial growth of the company. He can also play an important role in borrowing money from different resources, when the company need funds. This ability can be seen from the horoscope of the CEO if running DBA and future DBA indicates to 2,11 or 2,6,11 or 2,8,11 or 2,5,11 or we should also see that karka planets mercury and Jupiter should be in very comfortable position


 By joining a CEO, image of the company in the eyes of business word can outshine if, current DBA and future DBA of the CEO of the company signify 5,10,11 or 10,11 and signification Sun should be in a good condition


The ability of the CEO becomes priority, when a company launches its new product in the market. CEO with its current and future DBA signify 2,5,10,11 or 2,5,6,10,11 with strong karka Sun, Venus, Mercury along with 5th Lord can launch the new products in a very successfully manner.


HR department is the most important and very sensitive department of a corporate or industry. A person with strong 6th lord and comfortable Saturn and Venus, can handle this issue in a most perfect way. Strength of the moon or moon in star of Saturn and Jupiter or moon with Saturn or Jupiter can beautifully handle human resource of the company. Present and future DBA of the CEO should also signify 6,10,11 or 6,11.

Liaison Ability: 

It is one of the most important factors, that a CEO should have very impressive communicative and loving personality. He should know how to get the work done in the interest of company by using means and resources available. This ability can be seen if the current and future DBA signify 3,11 or 3,6,11. Good quality of Karka, Mercury, Sun and 5th lord enhances this ability.

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